Design polymers with PolymRizeTM

PolymRizeTM brings agile research and development practices
to teams developing the world's most advanced polymer technologies.

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PolymRizeTM video tutorials

Introduction to PolymRizeTM, a cutting-edge platform for polymer and formulation development.
Chemical Variants Tool lets you easily discover polymer formulations that meet your design criteria.
End to trial-and-error materials development, slashing R&D costs and accelerating time-to-market.
Use PolymRizeTM API to implement all the features into your software development.
Discover new materials and improve model performance using active learning.
Learn how to write SMIELS using PolymRizeTM drawer tool.

Intelligent materials design with PolymRizeTM

No more wasteful trial and error

PolymRizeTM predicts dozens of properties of polymers and formulations using our stock models or custom models you can build using your proprietary data.

PolymRizeTM can help plan your next experiments, and screen and design polymers and formulations that meet target property and performance requirements.

PolymRizeTM comes with security and confidentiality - no one except you can access your queries and data.